Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TED talk Tuesday

Birke Baehr: For someone so young to be so passionate and informed on something it incredible. His parents must be proud.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Dr. Priyank Shah and Marianne Smith Edge did an AMAZING Job. This was definitely one of the more entertaining presentations of the conference

What did I learn?

We have a growing population of elderly. The baby boomers are aging, and their children are too. We already have the development of "sandwich families" or families where a parent is taking care of their children in addition to their elderly parent or parents. We also see more parents and children being considered seniors at the same time.

Muscle wasting or sarcopenia is a growing concern. Dieticians have been fighting osteoporosis by encouraging calcium intake at a young age. We know have to address sarcopenia as a health risk too. Strength training throughout life can aid in the retention of muscle later on, it also makes it easier to continue working out when someone is elderly. The importance of light strength training when elderly is essential for keeping muscle strength and performing activities of daily living.

With the changing demographics we as dietitians have to adjust the way we educate patients and families.

There is also an increase in minorities which also adds to different risk levels of chronic disease the health field must accommodate to keep people healthy and taken care of.