Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Women Biggest Fast Food Buyers in Australia.

An Australian  agency discovered through a survey higher income women are some of the biggest consumers of fast food in the country. I wonder how this would relate to the U.S.

If that doesn't interest you on the same page was a quiz where you get to guess the calories of classic Fast Food Items.


  1. Do you think that its good for your health? fast food makes to fat and lazy as compare to organic food makes you healthy and fit. Try to ignore fast food and start eating nutrition food.
    Nutrition food

    1. Thanks for bringing this up Steve. No I don't think fast food is good for you health. In general I like to bring attention to anything I think is interesting about food.

      I do enjoy organic food as well when it's available. Depending on the product however it can be just as energy-dense/nutrient poor as non-organic. For example organic cane sugar packs the same calorie load as generic sugar. Processed organic products are not suddenly healthy because of the label. Consumers can read the nutrition label and make a decision based on what they value.