Friday, September 20, 2013

Photos from September

This is one of those typical photo dump posts to make me feel better about myself in regards to "I've been planning on doing stuff for the blog!" Really. I have. Life has been crazy.

As always I have that awkward balance of unhealthy and healthy. This nutrition degree isn't stopping me from eating Fair food!

Breakfast wrap with Eggs, Steak, Beans, and Salsa.

 Tuna Wrap- Using Hummus to replace the mayo. Surprisingly Tasty

Crazy protein wrap. 1.5 oz peanut butter and 30g of protein powder.

First time cooking with TOFU

Hubba Hubba. I want this on my wall.

NY State Fair...butterfly fries. Major Nommage.

I forgot stuffed peppers usually have rice, not bread crumbs. Woops.

I only bought you cuz' you're pretty

Baked potato soup. Yes I cooked the skin in the bacon pan.

Microwave baked apple

As you can see I haven't been totally neglectful this month.

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