Monday, September 2, 2013

So it's been awhile...

 It's been ages. There have been some big changes in the past few months and I just haven't found the time or motivation...I've just been working on staying grounded. I just embarked on a new academic adventure and after 2 weeks of orientation I have finally gotten some free time to actually absorb and reflect on what I've been learning.

I also finally had time to go for one last trip to my cottage. Where of course there was baking. Nothing as shamefully-not-shameful monkey bread though. It involved a lot of fruit and fruit it good for you!

Here is my winging it way to make Peach Blueberry Crisp

What you need:-2-3 Peaches
-1 cup of Blueberries
-1 cup oats*
- 1/2 brown sugar*
-1 cup white sugar*
-3/4 cup flour*
-1/2 stick of butter

* designates the measurement as an educated guess...since we all know I don't pay any attention to such things.

1. Rinse all the fruit. I bought mine from a Farmer's Market and there was a little dead bug in my blueberries. Not a big deal because I washed and noticed it before it ended up in my food.
2. Cut and peal the peaches (way to sloppy to take a picture)
3. In a bowl mix the fruit with some white sugar and flour.

4. Try not to eat everything in the process.
5. In a different bowl mix the remaining dry ingredients.

6. If ill-equipped cut the butter into small pieces. After being frustrated by butter's stickiness toss in larger than your supposed to chunks into the dry mix.
7. Realize this is not what the recipe you didn't read completely intended for the butter.
8. Use your hands to break up butter into pea sized blobs. Congratulate yourself on not half-assing it.
9. Sprinkle dry mix and butter over fruit.
10. Bake for about 25 minutes in 350 degree oven.


As you can see it was a little runny. The recipe I looked at said to add more flour to the "filling" which I scoffed off as unnecessary...clearly I should have listened to the Contessa. Still delicious and it provided an excuse to add more topping when reheating.

See you next summer finger lakes! Don't worry I will remember to blog before then.

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