Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Before it all began

It being my first time in Philadelphia myself with Jennifer and Connie had to take advantage and check out the sites!

We arrived over 4 hours before the opening session and after we dropped of our bags we went exploring.  Jennifer and her amazing Iphone helped us navigate and find everything worth seeing. It has also convinced me to stop begrudgingly hate smart phones and start wanting one...really bad.

Some of the places we visited included
Lunch at Pearl's Oyster Bar at Reading Terminal: Fish fry and fries, very delicious. Reading Market was packed with the people on Saturday and was in full swing of selling produce, meat, specialty items and coffee :-)

 Where the Declaration of Independence was signed! We walked the same steps as the Founding Fathers. Also probably the closest I'll get to the Liberty Bell, about 20 yards
                                         Founding Fathers aren't the only heroes to be recognized.

                                                       Adorable sign by Reading Market

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