Sunday, March 24, 2013

Frozen Dragon Fruit

A few days ago I went to Wegmans. As usual I was spending too much time in the produce section where I found dragon fruits (irradiated from Vietnam!) and thought to myself "Screw it, let's do this."

Upon returning home I realized most recipes using dragon fruit were savory or using it as a sauce.  I was NOT about to go down that road. DRAGON fruit takes a backseat to no one. So the only dessert not completely outlandish was sorbet. After skimming several recipes and checking out the ingredients (ignoring the measurements) I assumed I could just wing it and make it work.

This is the result:

   I'm pretty legit

The ensuing ensuing experiment (at the beginning I thought FAIL) was due to my shrugging off the the fact every recipe asked for a food processor and ice cream maker. Puhleez did the old Vietnamese have those things? NO.

1. Cut a dragon fruit in half to show off what it looks like.
2. Scoop out dragon fruit
3. Try at least 4 different kitchen utensils to mash the dragon fruit since you're too stubborn to find the food processor.

4. Add remaining ingredients

5. Strain the dragon fruit through a strainer...give up and resort to mashing dragon fruit against strainer sides for desired texture. Combined liquid and mash.
6. Put in freezer and wait....


As you can see it had quite a few crystals. Which I imagine would have something to do with not having an ice cream maker. I'm not sure I've never used one before.

Still a success. Dragon fruit tastes a bit like a kiwi but more flowery? Try it yourself.

Tips for next time: Buy a kitchen that is all cute for blogging and stop being so grumpy.

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