Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fasting Finished

Well folks. The goal of one week turned into 3 days. But I still think it turned out to be a successful experience. I lost 5 pounds, an extreme amount given the amount of time. Plus I still feel much better even after a few days of eating regularly again.

I certainly wouldn't recommend juicing for weight loss. Based on the first juice I made and assuming I drank it 3 times a day I'd have a deficit of around 800 calories daily. If this continued for 5 days I'd lose 1 pound from the calorie deficit. The majority of weight I lost in those three days is most likely water weight and (hopefully not too much) muscle from a lack of protein.

I did feel more energized outside of being hungry throughout most of the day. Plus I find myself more motivated to stick to eating mostly fruits and veggies given I've gone through something more taxing than eating salad.

Just be wary of feeling light headed. The zoom of sugar from fruitier juices on an empty stomach can effect you quickly. My brain felt a little "buzzed" about 15-30 minutes after drinking.

I think taking the time to at least try and challenge makes you more motivated for everything in your life. This is yet another example of how I leave my challenges unfinished though!

Juicing is growing in popularity because like many things in our current culture we want things fast, condensed, and simple. It may take a lot of time to prep the vegetables but drinking a glass of juice takes a lot less time to eat a whole bunch. That being said I think juicing would be a great supplement to a regular diet. It no doubt add nutrients to a diet and can be a better energy boost than coffee in the morning. 

All in all...success!

                    Juicing tip: Grapefruit with a combo of vegetables does NOT make a good flavor

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