Monday, March 11, 2013

Strawberry Citrus Pulp Cookies

The unfortunate part of juicing is that you waste a lot of fiber by creating pulp. Since juicing is so in and people love posting crap on the internet there is now a ton of recipes for pulp. Here is 1 more!

Strawberry Citrus Sugar Cookies

From a cookie making stand point any sugar cookie recipe will do. If you don't make cookies often the general procedure is as follows...

1. Cream the sugar and fat (butter or oil) together. This involves a mixer. This helps incorporate the sugar which will melt and the fat together
2. Add the other wet ingredients
3. Add the rest of the dry ingredients

Tip: try not to over mix.

Now it's pulp time
It may not look pretty but it sure makes things tasty! Don't have a juicer? I'd recommend finely chopping some strawberry and oranges or mashing them up with a fork.

Just gently fold it into the batter. Then you have cute confetti looking dough with real chunks of fruit.

 I baked mine for about 10 minutes, but again depending on the sugar cookie recipe YOU chose it may be different. In the end I made twice as many cookies as the recipe said it would yield.

                                                                    Delicious cookies!

The tiny bit of fruit made the cookies taste like fruity pebbles. I am not kidding. Who knew a little bit of fruit would make such a flavor difference. I added red food coloring to some which caused them to be a little too soft from the added liquid. The ones on the farthest right are just plain.

Future goals for my baking: try and make a batch of cookies that actually looks like one batch of cookies.

*just because these cookies have fruit in them does not mean they're good for you. Try not to eat them all!

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